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Samantha Harris Opens Up About Incarcerated Fiancé: “I See Him Regularly”

Photo courtesy of The Iconic

Photo courtesy of The Iconic

Australian model Samantha Harris has opened up about how she is still very much in love with her incarcerated fiancé, but admits that the situation they are in is “tough”.

The stunning 24-year-old indigenous model has been keeping herself busy over the past two years, by throwing herself into a hectic work schedule while her other half has been serving time.

Samantha’s partner, Luke Hunt, has already served two years of a maximum four-year sentence. He plead guilty to dangerous driving, resulting in the death of 78 year-old northern beaches man, Kenneth Lay, in 2012.

Samantha recently told The Daily Telegraph, “I’m still completely and madly in love. I’m not going to say it hasn’t been tough but we are on the home stretch and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.” 

When asked about how she copes with the strain the separation has put on their relationship, the Vogue cover girl revealed that she is taking it day by day until Luke is released, when they can finally continue living together as a couple. She shared, “We are making the best of a bad situation.” Luke will be up for parole next year, but until then Samantha will continue to visit him. “I see him regularly,” she revealed.


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Samantha has the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars to keep her occupied and busy in the meantime.

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