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Justin Bieber Trails Hailey Baldwin to Sydney for Hillsong Conference

Justin Bieber; Image: Getty

Justin Bieber; Image: Getty

Justin Bieber landed in Sydney this morning, June 29, beliebed to be headed to a five-day Hillsong Church conference at Allphones Arena.

Sydney Confidential reports that Justin is visiting the conference as a “delegate”, and Hillsong are keeping very tight-lipped about the visit out of respect for Justin’s privacy.

“People come from across the world to Sydney each year to attend Hillsong conference,” a spokesman for Hillsong church told Sydney Confidential. “Justin is here — like tens of thousands of others — as a delegate who is seeking to build stronger foundations into his life,” he added.

“He is not participating in the conference in any other capacity,” the spokesman continued, ruling out a potential performance from Biebs. “Out of respect for his privacy we will not be making further comments. The purpose of the conference is to honour God, and our hope for all attending is that their lives are enriched.”

Hailey Baldwin, Justin’s rumoured love interest, also landed in Sydney this morning to promote Topshop’s new Spring 2015 denim line, and is expected to be visiting the Hillsong conference too.

Just over a year ago Justin couldn’t even recall if he’d ever visited Australia, which is an insult on so many levels. Does he not remember the several children who were injured in his cancelled performance for Sunrise, or where his mates Miranda Kerr and Shanina Shaik come from?

Hopefully this trip will be more memorable for young Biebs.

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