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Teresa Palmer Lands Leading Role in New Horror Flick with Esteemed Aussie Producer

Teresa Palmer

Photo: WENN

Teresa Palmer has scored the leading role in Atomic Monster’s upcoming horror film Lights Out.

Deadline reports that the movie is about a young boy and his estranged sister, who are confronted by an evil thingymajig which only appears when the lights are turned off. Our childhood fear of “lights out” at bedtime is set for a comeback after the release of this film, we’re sure.

The film is based on David Sandberg’s short horror movie of the same name, which went viral. The feature-length film starring Palmer will be directed by Sandberg, with production by Australian horror royalty James Wan beginning today.


Photo: WENN

You might remember Wan from his work on the SAW franchise, or when he teamed with New Line on The Conjuring, which ended up grossing a whopping $318 million USD worldwide.

We’re sure Wan’s scary resume and Teresa’s evolving acting career will make for an unbeatable combination. Plus, if Sandberg’s viral short below is anything to go by, we’re already scared.

Lights Out – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013) from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo.

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