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Katy Perry Battles It Out With Nuns Over Real Estate

Katy Perry

Photo: WENN

There’s a prime piece of real estate in the hills of Los Feliz, Los Angeles, and some nuns, an archbishop, Katy Perry and a local restaurateur are all battling it out for ownership. Oh, and did we mention it’s a convent?

Curbed reports that the archdiocese emptied out in 2011 against the will of the nuns, and now LA Archbishop Jose Gomez feels he has the right to sell the building. Pop star Perry is the potential buyer, who wants to make the convent hers for around $14.5 million, after reportedly being interested in the space for years now. It is believed that Gomez is currently completing the paperwork for the Perry transaction.

However, two of the last five living nuns are all like, “No way, Jose,” saying they are the ones with the right to sell the place. In fact, they’ve already sold it to Dana Hollister, a local restaurateur and aspiring hotelier, for roughly $15.5 million, who has apparently moved in with plans to reinvent the space into a boutique hotel.

Katy reportedly met with the nuns recently, where she “dressed rather conservatively, and according to two of the sisters, she sang ‘Oh Happy Day’ for them and showed them a ‘Jesus’ tattoo on her wrist area”. It is also believed she assured them that she would be on her best behaviour, explaining that she wanted to live on the estate “with her mother and grandmother, sit in the meditation garden, sip green tea and find herself”.

The property was sold to Catholic philanthropists Daniel and Bernardine Murphy Donohue in the 1950s, who then sold it to the nuns at a discount. The sisters are concerned the archdiocese will receive a large amount of money and cut them out, but they want their living expenses covered.

The church has now turned it to the state to deal with. The archdiocese is suing Hollister to void the nuns’ transaction, and a judge has officially decided that Katy can visit the space with her architect.

Looks like she might be able to “sip green tea and find herself” after all. Oh happy day, for Perry at least.

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