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Chrissy Teigen Falls Victim to Instagram’s Anti-Nipple Policies

Chrissy Teigen

Image: WENN

Chrissy Teigen is the latest celebrity to show support for team nipple. The Sports Illustrated model recently posed in a spread for W magazine, which, like many shoots involving Teigen, required her to be topless. Teigen shared the photos on her Instagram page, but they were promptly removed by the social media site. Determined to post her images, Teigen clapped back by filtering them to look like paintings and pencil sketches in an effort to get around Instagram’s nipple ban. Instagram’s community guidelines say that nipples are permitted as long as they are part of paintings or sculptures. 

Teigen’s ruse couldn’t fool the folks at Instagram though, who removed those photos as well. She might have lost this battle, but Teigen certainly brings to light the sexist double standard Instagram holds when it comes to the female body. If oil paintings and drawings are OK because they are art, why the ban against artistic photography? 

We clearly have a long way to go in the fight to #freethenipple on Instagram, but at least there are women out there standing up for their bodies, trying to destigmatize the naked breast in our society.

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