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Lucy Markovic Reduces Australia’s Next Top Model Contestant to Tears

Lucy Markovic

Photo courtesy of FOX 8

Lucy Markovic might come across as the token sweet girl on Australia’s Next Top Model, but her behaviour on the show has reduced a former contest to tears.

Noted resilient chick Alex Sinadinovic, who just missed out on the final two and went home last week, tells theFashionSpot that her lowlight of the entire experience was when Lucy disregarded her friendship with fellow contestant Phoebe Deskovic.

Alex Australia's Next Top Model

Photo courtesy of FOX 8

“The thing that made me cry, actually, when I watched it, was the episode after Phoebe got eliminated and Lucy pretty much calling bullshit on mine and Phoebe’s relationship,” Alex explains.

Alex is referring to Episode Five when Lucy talks about Alex, behind her back but in front of the camera, to Lauren Ericson. “I find it really funny how Alex says that Phoebe’s like her best friend in the house and when she left, I remember still crying afterwards and she was like, ‘oh my god’,” Lucy said, touching her face to mimic Alex’s “so heavy” reaction.


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Alex says it was really painful for her to watch, especially because she didn’t have any other solid friendships in the model mansion. “That was really sad because that was the only good relationship I had in the house and they had to make out like that was bullshit,” she tells us.

“I didn’t really like that. I could probably say that in the house, what people saw, loosing Phoebe was terrible, but the actual lowlight was them just calling bullshit on a relationship that meant the most to me.

Photo courtesy of FOX 8

Photo courtesy of FOX 8

Alex still keeps in contact with Phoebe and Izi Simundic, who are in New South Wales, like herself. As for Lucy and the other girls? “I don’t really remain in contact with the girls who are interstate because I’m not really going to see them anyway, and I wasn’t really that close with them…” Alex trails off.

The Australia’s Next Top Model finale airs tonight on FOX8.