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Ruby Rose Hints at Joining ‘The Fast and the Furious’ Franchise

Ruby Rose

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Ruby Rose is just getting warmed up in her quest for world domination. The gender-fluid breakout star of Orange Is The New Black set hearts ablaze with her role as Stella Carlin in the latest series of the Netflix prison drama, and created nothing short of a cultural phenomenon with just one wink.

Her winning streak could continue on the big screen, with the Aussie beauty revealing she is in talks to appear in an upcoming film. Connecting the dots from previous interviews, could she be hinting at the The Fast and the Furious franchise? 

Ruby dished to OK! magazine that the last audition she had before landing her role in OITNB was for the Furious 7. But, unfortunately, she was overlooked for the role due to her likeness to a certain Canadian, bad-boy pop star who happens to be on Australian shores at the moment. She revealed, “They didn’t want me because one of the main guys said I looked like Justin Bieber!” 



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Obvi things have turned out rather well for Ruby since then, and just like Julia Roberts shopping on Rodeo Drive in Pretty Woman, she got her comeuppance. When  TODAY’s Richard Wilkins asked the star if was true that she missed out on a movie for looking like Justin, she replied, ”This is correct. It’s so funny because now I’m in talks with that movie and I haven’t mentioned to them that I know [they turned me down because I looked like Justin].”

She continued by saying, “I’m glad I never said what that movie was publicly because I really want to be in it,” seemingly forgetting about the connection she made with Justin Bieber and the Furious franchise in the past. With Ruby as hot as she is right now, we doubt they would let that change their casting. “I’ve met with all the big studios. There’s some huge roles going at the moment and I’m just fingers crossed that I land one soon,” Ruby added.

Apparently hitting it big and causing a world-wide sexual awakening can have its career benefits. We believe Ruby would make a seamless transition from television to the big screen, and would be ideal for a role in the sexy and tough action-packed franchise. Mark your calendars now, as the next film in the franchise is due out in 2017.  Prepare to be sexually awakened all over again.