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Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 9 Winner Announced in Teeth-Gritting Finale

Lucy MArkovic and Brittany Beattie grand final

Photo courtesy of FOX 8

After many fabulous weeks of photo shoots and absurd challenges which sent every Australia’s Next Top Model contestant to their emotional limits, a winner has been crowned.

Victoria’s Brittany Beattie, the same “truck driver” who walked Jean Paul Gaultier‘s Paris runway, has beaten Lucy Markovic in tonight’s finale, based on their last shoot of the competition with ELLE Australia magazine.

With Lucy garnering a commendable 29 out of 30 from the judges for her sophisticated and stylish shot, Brittany really had to impress all three judges to score above her and take out the title of Australia’s Next Top Model for Season Nine.

Special guest Tyra Banks had the power to make the last judgement call, telling Brittany, “Girls all across this continent will be looking at you and going, ‘I don’t believe in myself 100 per cent yet but I’m getting there, and so is Brittany. And so that edge and that coolness in you is what makes you extra special.” She still let hope linger in Lucy’s heart, though, saying, “That softness and that sweetness in Lucy is what makes her extra special.”


SPOILER ALERT!!! Congratulations @brittbeattie_ So proud of you!!!!! #ausntm

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“When I look at this photo of Brittany, there is a star. Does that make you worthy to be Australia’s Next Top Model? I think it does,” Tyra finished, giving her a 10 to complete a perfect 30 out of 30 score.

While Lucy tried to fight back the tears, Brittany delivered us the most articulate speech we’ve ever heard from her throughout the entire season. “I feel like this massive weight has been lifted and I can finally be me, and be the best me, and do something with my life and make my family proud.”

Next Top Model Brittany Lucy

Photo courtesy of FOX 8

Well done, Brittany. You deserve it!