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New Website Matches Kim Kardashian’s Outfit to the Weather

Kim Kardashian: wife, mother, selfie expert and now, weather guru. The reality TV star’s many outfits inspired, a new website that will tell you the weather in your city and match it with a look from Kim. “Rain or shine, Kim Kardashian has the outfit,” the website reads. Traveling abroad? You can even enter in the names of other cities to see what the weather is like – and, of course, what you should wear according to Ms. Kardashian.

kim guru


From New York and Paris to Nairobi and Kingston, Kim Kardashian has the perfect look no matter the temperature or precipitation. If anything, the site is a testament to just how much the reality star is photographed and how many (black and white) outfits she wears. Check it out here.

[h/t ELLE]