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Cody Simpson Receives His Very Own Personalised Emoji

Cody Simpson

Photo: WENN

Australian pop sensation Cody Simpson, known to much of the pop culture world as supermodel Gigi Hadid’s ex, has been crowned the first person in the world to ever have a Twitter emoji created for them.

The 18-year-old pop star received the “Cody-themed emoji” as part of a partnership with Twitter Australia and ANZ Australia, who are bringing Cody back to his home turf for two exclusive shows on the Gold Coast and in Sydney this August.

The gigs are scheduled to promote the release of his new album, “Free”, on July 11, with the Cody emoji, a blonde cartoon in a brown wide-brim hat, appearing automatically when users type in the hashtag #GetFree on Twitter. Cody-themed emojis will continue to be released over the next four weeks, including a “Free” album artwork and other “fun images”. Joy.

“Twitter has been a really important tool for me,” Cody explained to Twitter Australia. “It’s allowed me to build an incredible dialogue with my fans. Naturally it seemed like a great fit to team up … in planning my homecoming trip to promote my first independent album “Free.” Twitter has given people a voice. In my case it’s made it so that I don’t have to rely simply on radio or press to reach my fans.”

Cody is the most-followed Australian on Twitter with over 7 million followers, assumed to be mostly pre-teen girls. In another grand marketing tactic, you can only win tickets to Cody’s Australian shows over the next four weeks via Cody’s Twitter account.

Whether you love or hate the new emoji, we’re glad to see that Akubra hat finally found a purpose in the digital world.

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