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Cara Delevingne Reacts to ‘Slashie’ Label, Reveals Charlize Theron as Inspiration

Cara Delevingne

Photo: Tenplay

Although Cara Delevingne has now sadly left Australia, the bushy-browed beauty has opened up about the direction she wants her career to go in, what life’s been like living with those statement brows, and she feels about the term “slashie” while she’s been in the land down under.

Introduced on The Project as an “ultimate slashie” because of her new supermodel-slash-movie-star title, Cara admitted the term makes her feel a little confused. “This ‘slashie’ thing is killing me right now,” she said. “It’s only in Australia that people are like, ‘So you’re the queen of the slashie,’ and I’m like, ‘What does that mean? Queen of the slash? Huh?'”

Perhaps she’s uneasy with the label because she treats modelling and acting very separately. “I literally feel like it’s a different part of my life now,” the Paper Towns star said. “I feel like I’ve kind of been born again, I know that sounds really weird, but, honestly, acting I’ve wanted to do so badly, as soon as I got the opportunity I was like, “I’m here! Take me! I’ll do anything!'”

Cara Delevingne

Photo: Ashley Mar for theFashionSpot

Cara credits fellow model-turned-actresses like Charlize Theron as other beauties who have proved their salt in the acting industry. “Her in that movie Monster, those are the kind of roles I want to play. I want to be real and raw and just like ugly,” she explained of her career direction, noting that it’s not going to be easy to get to that point.

“There’s always going to be people who don’t want you to succeed or doubt you. But I didn’t really care because I know how hard I can work, and I know I’d give it my all, so as long as I do good work I know that’s all that matters,” she said of people taking a model like herself seriously.

But let’s not forget that it was her brows which really took her modelling career to new heights. “I think they’re more famous than me my eyebrows, it’s very sad,” Cara laughed, even though she said she was never a fan of the bushy friends. “I hated them so much, I used to get teased a lot. It was horrible,” she told The Project.

Cara’s mother convinced her to keep them, and we’re so glad she did. We just don’t think the world would be the same if Cara had over-plucked or pencilled on eyebrows.

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