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Alex Sinadinovic Explains Why Height Won’t Affect Her Modelling Career

Alex Sinadinovic

Photo courtesy of FOX8

She was the shortest model on Australia’s Next Top Model this year at 172cm, but that didn’t stop Alex Sinadinovic from coming third place and proving height is no barrier if you want to make it big in the modelling industry.

Alex Perry

Photo: WENN

One major hurdle for Sinadinovic was getting judge and designer Alex Perry to get over his fixation with tall models to see what she was capable of. “There’s one little shorty, but I wouldn’t have anything to complain about if there wasn’t one,” Perry told theFashionSpot before the season kicked off.

But, if anything, those “shorty” comments just pushed Sinadinovic to excel throughout the season. “Honestly, every time Alex Perry said that, I was like, ‘Just wait until you’re on set with me. Just wait until you’re on a photo shoot with me. I’ll show you that I can pose.’ It just made me want to prove them wrong.”

And prove him wrong she did, with fierce photos every week and a killer runway strut. “People need to realise that there is a lot that there are a lot of paths in the modelling industry,” she explains to theFashionSpot.

“You don’t need to just be a catwalk model which is pretty much the only thing that you do need height for. You don’t need height to take a photo of your face and be in a beauty campaign. You don’t need height to appear on a commercial,” Sinadinovic continued. “If your dreams are to become a model and you’re a shorty, you can do it. If you just have the passion and the drive you can do it.” We think she’s onto something.

Alex Sinadinovic

Photo courtesy of FOX 8

Although she believes and addresses that height is needed for runway, she’s not ruling that out any time soon. “I would love to do runway. I love wearing heels, I love how I feel when I actually am on a runway in these designer clothes, I feel amazing,” she tells us.

“I will attend runway castings. It will be up to the designer whether they book me or not, but I’m not going to not go to those castings just because I’m 2cm shorter than the rest of the girls,” she continues, noting that you need an extra spark to stand out. “Hopefully I can find something inside myself, that when I walk into a casting room and there are all these glamazon models, that I can own it with a light inside me, instead of the 2cm that is apparently such a big deal.”

Since the show wrapped up with Brittany Beattie taking out the title last week, Sinadinovic is ready to really focus on securing a modelling contract. “Modelling is number one to me right now,” she tells us. “I just need to find the right agency and really choose the career path I want to go down. Do I want to try be high-fashion? Do I want to be commercial? I just need to figure out what’s going to be best for me in the next year.”

She’s definitely got the drive and determination to fit into either modelling category, although we know, from watching all her glorious moments on Australia’s Next Top Model, that she can do both high-fashion and commercial. Whichever path she goes down, we hope to be seeing a lot more of this girl, and soon.