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Watch: Jessica Gomes Gets Pranked on Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot

Jessica Gomes

Photo: WENN

Poor Jessica Gomes. The Aussie model was subject to a cruel prank on-set for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, when director Robb Riley thought it would be a fun idea to scare Jessica with a fake snake up his leg.

The David Jones ambassador fully freaks out, screaming, running away and dropping the F bomb, but other than that, handles the situation like a pro. “What the hell?” she says as she laughs off what is one of her “greatest fears”.

It’s not like the whole snake thing was completely unbelievable, seeing as the team was shooting amongst long grass that snakes would happily hide in while waiting to pounce on poor and innocent prey. We love that the video is such poor quality, yet somehow she was able to bleep out her swearing. Is this some kind of app we’re not aware of?

We’ve got to say, homegirl looks smokin’ in a bikini even during a full-blown freakout.