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Ruby Rose Is the Ideal Sci-Fi Babe in Her New Acting Gig

Sexual awakener Ruby Rose has landed another gig to follow on from her breakout role in Orange is the New Black, and she might just be even hotter in this character than she was as Stella Carlin. Is that possible? Don’t know. Looks promising.

Our girl Ruby, who we always knew was amazing before the rest of the world found out about her, revealed to her now-overflowing Instagram following that she’s guest starring in Syfy’s Dark Matter later this month.

“Have you been watching Dark Matter on Syfy??” she wrote. “Well you better be!! And tune in to my guest episode July 24 at 10/9c.” Well done, Dark Matter. You’re about to get ratings you didn’t even know were humanly possible. reports that Ruby Rose will play Wendy, “an entertainment android who charms the ship’s crew with her various talents, until something goes wrong”. If the first-look shot is anything to go by, homegirl will be totally fierce in the new role. And she’s armed. We’re feeling hot. And bothered. 

She will appear in the episode of Dark Matter airing on July 24, at 10 p.m. ET on SyFy.

Oh, the anticipation.