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Watch: Lily-Rose Depp Spin Out and Lip Sync in Rejjie Snows New Music Video

Lily-Rose Depp

Photo: YouTube

Part Johnny Depp, part Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose Depp is making a name for herself away from her actor father and model mother. Having already burst onto the fashion scene with shoots for Oyster and in-demand seats at Chanel, Lily-Rose has now made a surprising cameo in the music arena for Irish rapper Rejjie Snow.

Missing out on shotgun and sitting between Rejjie himself and a young Amir Legrone, Lily-Rose gives mixed messages in a cutesy headscarf while pouting hard and headbanging to Rejjie’s tune in the newly released video “All Around the World”.

Her lip-syncing skills are on-point, though, and the 16-year-old proceeds to spin around in what seems like a euphoric, somewhat disconnected, and hopefully all-natural state. Check the video out for yourself below. Girl’s got swag.