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Karl Lagerfeld Realizes How Distinct His Look Is

Karl Lagerfeld

Image: WENN

Karl Lagerfeld is all set to stage his haute fourrure show for Fendi, which will no doubt be dazzling. Though Lagerfeld’s forthcoming display might have animal rights activists foaming at the mouth, the designer is pressing on, noting that the fur industry today isn’t what it was before, due to the scarcity of fine furs. “They’re rarer and rarer,” he explained to WWD. “That means the activists don’t have to be too angry because there is less and less and it becomes more and more expensive. The sable coat today is expensive, like people pay less for a house than for a sable coat. It’s unbelievable!” 

Lagerfeld also dished on the Fendi Karlito bag bug, those pricey charms for your carryall made in Lagerfeld’s likeness. The designer says it was a no-brainer creating the furry embellishment, as he is very aware of how distinct his image is. “I’m a cartoon, my dear. I’m easy, everybody can recognize me, and it’s fine,” he quipped. “I can’t even cross the street anymore, anywhere, for all the tourists, all the selfies. It’s unbelievable, I don’t know how it happened — it’s so strange, this fame thing. But as my fortune-teller told me when I was young, she said: ‘For you, it will really start when it’s finished for the others.’ It’s quite true.” 

Seems like that fortune teller knew what she was talking about!

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