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Watch: Wilhelmina’s Wolf Pack of Male Models Star in Sexy Men’s Spring 2016 Show Package Video

New York Fashion Week: Men’s is fast approaching and Wilhelmina just put together an epic package to showcase its male models for the event’s inaugural season. Getting inspired by the hauntingly sexy themes behind Teen Wolf and Twilight, Wilhelmina gets its “Wolf Pack” of men’s talent together under a blacklight as the shirtless brood flexes their muscles and smears themselves with glow-in-the-dark paint. 

Marco Torres and Julian R R directed the sexy short, which features the neon artwork of Eddy Bogaert. Whilhelmina models Chris Bunn, Chris Moore, Eli Hall, Francisco Peralta, William Moncada and Liam Vandiar all fit the part of sexy werewolves, with their gazes piercing through the blacklight. “The Wilhelmina Wolf Pack has been our signature for the image division in New York City for two seasons now,” men’s board director Taylor Hendrich said. “It represents our ferocious and truly incredible talent roster who we proudly represent. With New York’s first ever Men’s Fashion Week upon us, we wanted to make a statement that we are here.” 

The video is enough to make you want to brave a werewolf bite. Watch the fellas in action above and get excited to see them on the runway during Men’s Fashion Week.