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Christian Dior Saddle Bags from the Aughts are Hot Again

Dior Saddle bag

Image: eBay

John Galliano might be out at Dior, but according to reports, his work for the French fashion house is totally in. According to WWD, there has been an upswing in demand for Dior accessories from the early aughts over the last two years, particularly the famous Dior saddle bag.

Of course, nostalgia has a lot to do with the bag’s reemergence in popularity. A lot of the people making the purchases are millennials who yearn to harken back to a time when fashion wasn’t dominated by Instagram. Vintage sellers like Decades in Los Angeles and luxury resale website the Real Real confirm a steady increase in interest for Galliano-era Dior accessories. And going for around $400 a pop in some places, they’re actually affordable for some fashion-obsessed millennials.

Perhaps the best explanation for the uptick in vintage aughts Dior pieces comes from New York photographer Amy Lombard. “There are so many things I wanted growing up that I couldn’t afford — my mom was not going to buy me a Rasta Dior Saddle bag in my teens. It’s this nostalgic icon in my mind,” she said. Buying the vintage Dior saddle bag you remember from your teens: $400. Retroactively achieving your fashion goals a decade later: priceless.

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