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New Campaign Celebrates the Diversity of the Female Body

There is a body diversity revolution going on and Australia’s Amy Herrmann has added her voice with a new campaign that strives to show that women are much more than the labels imposed on them. Herrmann tapped women of varying sizes to “showcase the amazing diversity that is the female form.” 

Herrmann wants to photograph 100 women to help spread the word of body acceptance. “Education is key to giving women and men a better understanding and appreciation for the diversity of the female body and the ways in which it grows, shapes and changes over time and with different life experiences,” she said on her website. “What better way to educate than through honest and uplifting photographs of 100 amazing women?”

Herrmann has launched a kickstarter to help raise money to reach her goal of photographing all those women. So far, she is starting with a $2,700 dollar goal which will allow her to shoot 7 women and make a promo video to help raise even more money for the project. Herrmann seems to have only photographed white women of varying body types, but hopes that with future injections of cash, she will be able to add a different kind of diversity to this project. After all, how can you champion body diversity without different kinds of bodies?  “For this project to be successful we MUST have diversity within our participants. This is key,” she wrote. “And to gain that diversity, we must have numbers.”

So far, Herrmann has raised $1,916 for her project, to which you can donate here.

[via Stylist