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This Weather Man Knows a Surprising Amount of Taylor Swift Lyrics

taylor Swift weather man tfs

Photo: YouTube


It was raining Taylor Swift references during a recent weather forecast on US TV network FOX 5, after an enthusiastic weatherman decided to shake off his regular meteorological projections for a special Swift-themed update.

Mike the Weather Man outed himself as a fully fledged Swifty by filling his weather forecast for Tay Tay’s forthcoming concert at Nationals Park with a storm of lyrics inspired by none other than T-Swizzle.

Mike delivered some good news for his fellow Swifties who feared they might not be “Out Of The Woods” when it came to the impact of wet weather on the night’s show, informing them that the rain would keep cruisin’, can’t stop, won’t stop movin’ on past the concert area.

His forecast even caught the attention of Her Swiftiness, who posted on Twitter: “Never change, Mike the weather man. Never change.”

We’re with Tay on this one.