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Didier Cohen’s Opens Up About His Self-Described ‘Big Boy’ Past

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You know Didier Cohen, right? Ridiculously attractive male model with an undeniable energy and megawatt smile? Well, he wasn’t always as confident as he may seem, recently opening up about his troubles with being overweight.

Yes, it’s true. Didier wasn’t born with rock-hard abs. When he was younger he thought of himself as a “big boy”. Speaking to The Fix, Didier shared that he decided to turn around his health at the age of 19.


Big boy at prom with @krystleambers… #ThrowbackThursday

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“I was really overweight, and I was just embarrassed sometimes to take off my shirt at the beach,” he revealed. “I started running, doing a little bit of cardio, looking at what I was eating, not being super strict but just knowing what was healthier.”

While it’s clear that Didier is an attractive specimen, we’ve really grown to love his charismatic personality and maintain that we still would regardless of his appearance. But Didier admits that it’s the exercise which gives him that positive mentality.


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“For me, it’s all about the mental aspect,” he explained. “After I exercise, my head is clear, my mind is clear, everything is clear. I’m more happy. It shows me that things I thought were impossible aren’t.”

The one thing we love most about Didier’s revelation, is that he’s not ashamed to bring up his past. He owns it, like the boss he is, regularly sharing throwback photos from back in the day, even though we’re sure he’s got a full and current portfolio of smouldering blue steel looks.

Thank you, Didier. Never change. Unless it makes you happier and healthier, of course.

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