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Cody Simpson’s Relationship with Gigi Hadid Was ‘Uncomfortable’

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid were the golden couple (literally, Goldilocks #1 and #2), but it turns out all the media attention was just a little too much for the Aussie musician.

Speaking to DuJour magazine, Cody explained of the breakup, “I love my ex-girlfriend, I always will. It was an amicable, mutual decision, and we still talk every now and then, but the highly publicized thing made me uncomfortable.”

He continued, “Going out to dinner and there being all this paparazzi and stuff…. as soon as we split I had the realisation that I was straying away from who I was as a whole person. I want to keep it low key, and focus on my music.”

At only 18, Cody’s got it made with his singing career and presumably a heavy wallet, but it’s the little things in life that he wants to enjoy. “I just want to hang and be a dude, and do stupid stuff like surf, and get drunk, and jam for hours,” he added, noting that he and Justin Bieber “party sometimes”.

Cody really just wants to focus on himself right now, minus one supermodel girlfriend, proving that sometimes it’s OK to be a little selfish.

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