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Watch: Daniel Johns Launches His New Single with Help from the Fashion World

Daniel Johns

Photo: Youtube

Daniel Johns has debuted his new single, “We Are Golden” in world-first fashion. The Australian musician has teamed up with retailer David Jones for the first-ever fashion shoot powered by music, featuring the department store’s model ambassadors Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox.

Amplifying the relationship between fashion and music, David Jones, which coincidentally bears the same initials as Daniel Johns, have paired up with the singer for its Spring 2015 campaign, #ShotBySound, in a video which sees three models strutting around the set while he plays the track, taken from his debut solo album Talk. 42 camera were utilised on set, triggered by his vocals and the band’s instruments.

“When they explained how the technology on the shoot was going to work, I thought it wounded really exciting, like a Roxy Music Clip,” Daniel explained to Sunday Style, still acknowledging the mutually beneficial relationship at hand. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it would get the record out to a broader audience,” he explained. “I’m not an idiot — it’s just good business.”

“We Are Golden” comes straight from Daniel’s solo debut album, Talk, his first since leaving behind, for now, the band which shot his career to fame, Silverchair. Daniel said in a news release, “One of the things I’m enjoying about working solo after all those years in a band is that it gives me the freedom to try new things.”

He continued, “I’ve also enjoyed having an opportunity to explore new creative collaborations so this project was a good fit. It was great to work with so many talented people on the video.”

As for Daniel’s own connection to fashion? He has several friends who work in the fashion industry, including his girlfriend, designer Estelita Huijer, and former Ksubi designer Gareth Moody.

Daniel Johns

Photo supplied

Still, Daniel admits this is a surprising move. “I’ve never even considered anything like this before, but part of conceptualising Talk was to do things I wouldn’t normally do,” he explained to Sunday Style. “There’s an appeal to shaking the tree a bit and doing something different. You never know what results it could yield or which course it can see your life on.”

David Jones’ general manager of marketing and communications, Jennifer Doidge, also seems pretty stoked with the collab, saying, “Daniel is an artist who is constantly reinventing himself — he is mercurial, fashion-forward, a creative genius, always ahead of the curve.”

We really wouldn’t be surprised if Daniel has a “surprise” performance at David Jones’ upcoming Spring 2015 fashion launch, with model castings taking place earlier this month. Besides, the store has already recognised that it’s the perfect backtrack for the far-shun.

[Via Sunday Style]