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Levi’s Launches New Clothing Recycling Program

Levi's Store

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Levi’s wants you to recycle your clothes and it’s making the process that much easier with a new expansion of its recycling program, which will be available at all mainline and outlet stores in the U.S. The goal is to help decrease the amount of discarded clothing piling up in landfills by the year 2020. 

Not only is Levi’s encouraging customers to drop off their clean old clothes and shoes, but it will give you a 20% discount on a single regular-priced item in its store. “We’re thinking about sustainability across all facets of our business and how to shift consumer behavior to make recycling clothing the norm,” VP of sustainability for Levi’s Michael Kobori said. “As an industry leader, we consider all phases of our product lifecycle, including stages beyond our direct control like the product’s end point. Collecting used clothing at our stores makes it simple and easy for consumers to do their part and builds upon our commitment to do the right thing for the environment.”

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Levi’s is partnering with I:Collect to help recycle old clothes and footwear and either resell the wearable items or use the ones in not as good shape for things like insulation and padding. Levi’s stresses that sustainability doesn’t begin and end at manufacturing – the entire life cycle of a garment must be considered. 

So, now that Levi’s is making it so easy to recycle your clothes – and is rewarding you for it — what’s your excuse for not bringing in a box of your old threads?

[h/t Quartz, via Levi Strauss]