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Alexander McQueen and Jean Muir in the Running to Appear on the New £20 Note

It’s a topic that’s had everybody talking for quite some time now: whose face will grace the new £20 note? A list of potential candidates has finally been compiled and four worthy contenders from the fashion industry have made the list.

Back in May, the Bank of England asked the public to submit their suggestions from the field of visual arts. The arts play quite a substantial role in Britain’s economy, so it’s only fitting that one of the field’s most acclaimed members gets the chance to be bestowed with such an honour. The final list features a whopping 592 contenders, four of which derive from the visual arts. 


Lee Alexander McQueen Photographer: Gary Wallace #AlexanderMcQueenArchive

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So, who exactly are the featured four? The late Alexander McQueen is, of course, a candidate due to his amazing yet short-lived career. The late fashion designer Catherine Walker has also been nominated, perhaps mainly due to her work with Princess Diana, for whom she created over 1,000 different outfits. Next up is the late Laura Ashley, whose retail empire still remains. She rose to fame in the 60s thanks to relaunching the floral smock in reaction to the miniskirt trend. Finally, Jean Muir, who’s often dubbed the Chanel of England, is also in the running as her classic designs aren’t easy to forget.

We’re hoping that it’s one of the above worthy four who make it onto the note as they’re all equally as deserving.