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And Just Like That, Kate Middleton’s Issa Engagment Dress Is Sold Out Again

Kate Middleton engagement

Image: WENN

If you’re still kicking yourself for missing your chance to buy the dress that Kate Middleton wore for her engagement photos, you’ll be doing so again today. Harvey Nichols capitalized on the dress’ popularity by selling a re-issue of the silken navy blue Phylis wrap dress from Issa. And almost as soon as it was made available, it sold out online.

This should come as little surprise considering the ever-enduring Kate Middleton effect. Pretty much anything the Duchess of Cambridge wears winds up getting scooped up by the women who want to dress like her. Though Middleton’s actual fashion sense has been questioned by a few skeptical members of the fashion industry, you can’t deny the woman has some pull when it comes to clothing. 

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The simple navy frock was selling for £575 (around $894), but you really can’t put a price on looking like Kate Middleton, now can you? Those fans of the dress who missed out on scooping it up this time will just have to wait to see if Harvey Nichols (or any other store for that matter) will be merciful and release the dress once again. 

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