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Joys of Living Health Bar: Building a Healthy Community in Montreal

Joys of Living Health Bar in Montreal

Image: Courtesy of Thalia Herrera

Want to know how to keep your glow 12 months of the year? The ladies at Joys of Living Health Bar have the answers, as they are living proof of being radiant from the inside out. It starts with adopting healthy choices on a regular basis. We’ve all been there, the thought of embracing a new way of living can seem overwhelming but with the right information and support it’s much easier. How many of us have opted for a Netflix series marathon instead of lacing up and hitting the pavement for a run? Or, how many time have we reached for that Venti double ice cap instead of a nutritious juice where we can actually read the ingredients on the label? Guilty as charged.

Joys of Living Health Bar Montreal

Image: Courtesy of Thalia Herrera

Taking that first step towards health is not an easy choice — but a rewarding one — and Joys of Living is here to help. They produce 100 percent naturally pressed vegetable and fruit juices. With so many great local farmers and organic markets in the Montreal area, the company strives to handpick quality produce directly from them to ensure the finest cold-pressed fresh juices. Your health is in good hands, even down to the glass bottles used to serve the juices in, which keep away chemicals and toxins that may be found in plastics. Did we mention that the juices are free of preservatives and don’t contain any sugars or artificial flavours?

Joys Of Living Health Bar Montreal

Image: Courtesy of Naskademini

If you’re apprehensive about making some lifestyle changes to better your health, there’s no better way to start than to drop by Joys of Living Health Bar for a cold one at 900 rue St-Philippe, Mtl St-Henri.