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Contestant Tess Makes ‘Ballsy’ Move on The Bachelor Premiere

Tess The Bachelor

Photo: Facebook

The Bachelor Australia began tonight, but one contestant wasn’t thrilled with the glitz and glamour that a premiere can bring.

Not feeling comfortable in her embellished blue dress, Tess decided to trade in her rose ceremony look for something that was a little more up her alley.

She grabbed a singlet, jeans, flanno and some Timberlands from her suitcase, changed into them and ambushed Sam Wood’s conversation with another keen contender. “I’m very ballsy,” Tess said. 

It seemed to work a charm with our brand new Bachie, who reassured her by saying, “I’m not a glitz guy,” and giving her a rose come the night’s end. 

Well done to this chick for Tess-ting the waters.