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3 Toronto Creatives Produce New Makeover Web Series ‘Project You’

Nothing helps you transition from a painful experience like a makeover. Look good, feel better, right? This is why we love Project You, a new makeover web series created by three Toronto creatives to help people transform their negatives into positives and encourage them to rise above by putting their best foot forward. Image consultant and personal stylist Josette Blackwood, makeup artist Sherlyn Torres and photographer Samantha Clarke will offer professional makeover sessions to people with compelling stories who’ve overcome a stormy past. Their goal? To empower and promote self-love.

Getting out of a relationship, dealing with a loss, a job transition or a sudden change in weight are all things that can take a toll on our self-esteem. The miniseries will be shared on the trio’s YouTube channel and will serve as a platform to help people share their stories and in doing so, provide support to others who may be experiencing similar hardships.

“Sometimes people forget that they need to take care of themselves,” explains Blackwood. “Many also don’t feel as though they’re deserving of attention or a day of beauty or self-care. We just want to give something good to people who deserve it. Everyone deserves to feel and look their best.”

The finalist will get their hair and nails done, go shopping with the ladies and prepare to embrace a new outlook on life. Once that’s done, there’s no better way to seal the deal than with a glamorous photoshoot. So, what are you waiting for? Project You is now looking for candidates for its first makeover story. All submissions must be made through this form accompanied by a photo and a short synopsis of why the nominee needs a makeover. The deadline is this Friday, July 31.