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Lisa Hyde’s The Bachelor S3, Ep 1, Low-Down: ‘Sam Wood Is a Total Catch’

Lisa Hyde

Photo: Dan Molloy

And just like he theyhat, Season 3 of The Bachelor Australia begins!

Yes, it did happen, I joined my other bachelor babes for a night in on the couch. I must admit the hype around Season 3 had me so excited, I couldn’t help but get the girls together and reminisce on some fun memories that came out of The Bachelor mansion.

For me the first night was the most daunting because you just don’t know what to expect. Personally I do not remember what I said on that red carpet. It is so nerve-racking being in front of cameras. Let me say it is so easy to have verbal diarrhoea…. #Analglands.

Let’s begin by checking out The Bachelor — cute, well-spoken, great smile, Genuine— OK, right now Sam Wood is a total catch. And judging from the ladies’ reactions and how comfortable they were meeting Sam, I think we are in for a good show!

Sam Wood The Bachelor

Photo: The Bachelor

A big part of of The Bachelor for me was the fashion and I absolutely loved getting dressed up for those rose ceremonies. One of the biggest questions I was asked after leaving the house was, “Did you do your own make up?” and “Did you have to buy all those dresses?” Well, let me answer that for you. NO. We had a full team for hair and makeup and our dresses were supplied! Now tell me you don’t want to be on The Bachelor!


Photo: The Bachelor

That being said, let’s look at my all-time favourite outfit from Season 3, Episode 1. Ballsy Snezana, or shall I say Parmigiana? Sounds kind of the same, no? What a stunner, though. Dressed in that Phillipa Galasso eye-catching full-length black gown, she has certainly raised the bar for upcoming rose ceremonies.

I say ballsy because I’m not sure if anyone else noticed the see-through top, but I have the close-up, above. Amen to nipple covers, right? I must say, I love the fact that she came straight out and told Sam about her daughter. Proud mummy! Go Parmigiana.

Bec The Bachelor

Photo: The Bachelor

Although Bec didn’t get much one-on-one time with Sam, I couldn’t help but notice her Fame and Powers strapless satin gown with a fitted bodice and a pleated high-low skirt. Holy hotness, this girl can rock a gown!

Emily The Bachelor

Photo: The Bachelor

A sure top two, in my opinion, is the beautiful Emily, who was well dressed in a Gemeli Power low-back white floor-length dress. I can’t help but think this girl will go all the way. We haven’t seen much of Emily yet, but she certainly turned heads in that dress —  well, at least we saw Sam take a second look as she entered the house.

Sandra The Bachelor

Photo: The Bachelor

Sandra. Not sure if she is my kind of chick in either style or personality, however, she is great entertainment value. There is always one that is completely cray, and, yes, I think we have found a winner! These are the type of moments when I wish The Bachelor was a voting show. Can she stay? Please?


I can’t forget the girl that has my vote for the most hilarious and down-to-earth damn-right cool chick! JACINDA! Yes, we also wore pretty much the same outfit on the first night, so I could be a little subjective.

But ladies and gents, let me just say, this is the type of girl I would cling to in the house. I just hope she stays because I love listening to her amusing slang, like, “Nailed it.”

Well, now you have my view on Episode 1. I really do believe we have a great mix of ladies, both for entertainment and for the real love story! All the best, Sam Wood. I’m looking forward to watching the first date.