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Grab a Cocktail: The ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Film Starts Shooting This Fall!

Eddy and Pasty pose for the camera in Absolutely Fabulous

Eddy and Pasty pose for the camera in Absolutely Fabulous; Image: Wenn

After waiting for what has literally been decades, British actress Joanna Lumley, who plays the iconic Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous, has revealed that a film based on the Brit cult classic television show will begin shooting in October.

During an interview on a British chat show, she excitedly divulged that all of our old favourites will be reuniting for the film, written by Jennifer Saunders who plays the quirky Edina Monsoon. She tipped that it’ll all be set on location, with the South of France no doubt being the luxurious location of choice. 

Speculation surrounding a movie has been particularly rife since early last year after Saunders was spotted attending the Jasper Conran show at London Fashion Week. Perhaps she was doing some much-needed research since the way in which Fashion Week operates is completely different from Ab Fab’s heyday. The once exclusive event is now open to bloggers and not a second goes by without seeing an iPhone in the air as something is Instagrammed or tweeted. We can’t wait to see how Patsy and Eddy have evolved with the changes.

We’ll be first in line to watch the new Ab Fab film and are already guessing which trends the hilarious duo will be donning. While you wait for the big premiere, enjoy some of the best highlights from the original series below.