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Lisa Hyde’s The Bachelor S3, Ep 2 Low-Down: ‘As Women We Compare Ourselves to Other Women’

Lisa Hyde

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So, does it look like we have some sure front runners? Don’t be fooled, I can pretty much predict what is going to happen next and it’s not what you think. Kind of scary, really, but I did live in this mansion for three months.

Let’s talk first date and, may I add, first rose. Our gorgeous yoga-girl Sarah is definitely ruffling up a few feathers in the house. Sarah seems sweet, she has that girl-next-door look about her. I know firsthand when one girl gets more attention in the house, it’s a definite game-on feeling!

It’s obvious that the girls see Sarah as a threat, although, if history repeats itself, the first date doesn’t always get you the last. But, you never know, The Bachelor has already thrown us some twists and turns this year — first the white rose and now the ladies get to chose who goes on a single date next week, this just gets better and better.

One thing some of you probably didn’t see coming was when my girl Jacinda, who was extremely confident and bubbly in the beginning, showed a different, more insecure side. I do not blame her. This is not an easy or familiar situation to be in.

The Bachelor Jacinda

Photo: Tenplay

It wasn’t long after moving into the house that I started to question myself. The hardest thing I can remember is not having my family or closest friends to talk to, and I guess this is why the Bach girls become so close, because we needed to find support in each other.

The Bachelor Australia

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Isn’t it funny as women when we compare ourselves to other women, we pick out things we don’t like about ourselves? Jacinda spoke about changing herself to be like the other women, so Sam Wood would notice her. This, my friends, is exactly want men do not want.

The Bachelor Australia Sam Wood

Photo: The Bachelor

Men are more attracted to confident women who can be comfortable with themselves. That being said, I’m glad Jacinda got the first rose. We need our confident, hilarious woman back!

The Bachelor Australia

Photo: The Bachelor

Besides, tears at a cocktail party are more problematic than you would think. I would love to tell you all that getting ready for these nights are a quick, easy one-two hour process, but, my friends, this takes up the whole day. Hours of makeup and hair, followed by interviews, and, not to mention, those rose ceremonies take a hell of lot longer than 10 minutes. 

I can’t wait to see what next week brings. Be sure to check back after the next episodes for all my thoughts on the girls, the Bach, and, of course, the fashion.