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These Stats About Aussie Women’s High Heel Habits May Alarm You

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It turns out Australian women are just that little bit fonder of high heels than the rest of the world, and we have the research to prove it.

Footwear e-tailer Shoes of Prey revealed to Ragtrader that the Aussie shoe-loving mentality is along the lines of, “The bigger, the better,” with recent analysed sales data showcasing that Australians wear above the average global heel height. By much more than a measly millimetre, too. Throughout the world, the average heel height is 7cm, but Australian shoe lovers are fond of a 8.3cm heel on average.

There are specific parts of Australia we can blame for giving our country this increased average, though, with West Australians wearing the highest heels on average of all the states and Victorians likely to choose as tall as a 10cm heel. On the flip side, Canberra residents are the least likely to wear high heels, while Queenslanders are most likely to choose flats. South Australians love them some kitten heels which sit at around 5.5cm.

Shoes of Prey founder, Jodie Fox, said, “It’s interesting that despite a relatively homogenous fashion offering around Australia in high street stores, there are clear distinctions in preferences for different heel heights and shoes between the Australian states. Each state definitely has its own shoe identity.”

So, what’s your “shoe identity”?

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