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Stats Confirm Aussies Totally Succumbed to Kim Kardashian’s Selfish Ways

Kim Kardashian book signing

Image: WENN

When news came out abut Kim Kardashian’s publishing project comprising wholly of selfies, many had a quiet (or loud) chuckle to each other about the 352-page vanity venture. But the reality TV queen is the one laughing now, with Australian sales of Selfish making us seriously question ourselves.

Yes, sales in the US were less than impressive, with Radar Online revealing only 32,000 copies were sold throughout the country (That’s just 0.8% of Kim’s social media fans, FYI). While we’d like to rightfully restore our faith in mankind with these stats, it turns out Aussies might be the ones who have to re-think our light reading preferences.

According to Nielsen (via Sydney Morning Herald), Aussies purchased 7,200 copies of the book, making the demand three times stronger than the US per capita. During the first week of release, Selfish was Dymocks’ number one biography title and ranked third overall. Yep, biography title.

A spokesperson from the Australian publisher of Selfish, Hardie Grant, said, “We sold out of our initial print run in Australia almost immediately, driven by her profile, the book publicity both here and abroad and her amazing social media presence.”

Congratulations, Kim. You win.

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