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WATCH: Calvin Harris’ New Music Vid with Gigi Hadid Is One Giant Ode to Hair Tossing

We thought our hair-whipping days were locked away in a little box with Willow Smith back in 2010, but Calvin Harris and Gigi Hadid have teamed up to show us how to properly flip those locks. 

Calvin’s video clip for “How Deep Is Your Love” has just been released on YouTube, starring one of Taylor Swift‘s many, many supermodel BFFs Gigi, who thought she best prove to us that she has hair on her head and she knows how to use it.

The vid sees Gigi lie on a surgical bed in Dexter-esque plastic wrap before hitting da club, having a dip, hanging in a dingy tattoo parlour, checking out the crop, and getting amongst the mushrooms all while being the greatest (hair) tosser we’ve ever seen. 

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Flippin’ babe or not, we think she’s far more believable as Calvin’s Frankenstein spawn than in her previous music vid roles as Swifty’s “Alien Jumpsuit Chick” Slay-Z or Cody Simpson’s own personal surfboard.

Don’t believe us? Watch Gigi do her thang above.