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We Tried the New ‘Louboutinize’ Photo Filter App from Christian Louboutin


Image: @itsjihanm

Christian Louboutin is busy expanding his empire, last week announcing the release of a new, outrageously expensive lipstick line (each lippie is $90 a pop!) and now, a new app to bring that special Louboutin touch to the photos you post on social media.

Louboutinize offers three filters. Of course, there is a “rouge” filter for users to add that signature Louboutin red tint to your photos. There is also a “legs” filter, which gives you six options of legs to superimpose onto your images, from a ballerina with a balloon tutu to a matador. The “crystallize” filter will add a facet effect to your photo, which can be modified when you swipe your finger over the image.

While the filters are definitely cute (we love “legs” the best), we were a little disappointed that the app wouldn’t let us adjust the image before adding the filters – or at least, we couldn’t figure out how to do it (somebody help?) though we tried. For example, if you want to exchange your legs with that of a jockey on a horse, you can’t resize or adjust the image in the app so that the pictures perfectly match up. You have to leave it to chance, or perhaps try resizing your image in another app. It seems silly to us that this wouldn’t be a feature in this particular app, especially when getting the right placement for the legs filter definitely requires it. Perhaps Louboutin’s people will make the change in a future update – which WWD mentions will include more filters.

So if you don’t mind doing a little extra work resizing your pictures, head over to the Apple App store and get to Louboutinizing all your pics! Check out our test-run of the app in the gallery below.

Images: @itsjihanm

[h/t WWD]