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Tegan Martin Sets Her Sights on the Myer Runway


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Former Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin knows how to work a white carpet, which is exactly what she did at Myer’s Spring 2015 Fashion Launch in Sydney last night, August 13. Between poses, the blonde bombshell opened up about her aspiration to walk the runway of the iconic department store in the future.

It’s not surprising, given that former beauty queens like Rachael Finch and Jennifer Hawkins have made the career transition from pageantry to Myer Ambassadors themselves. Tegan stunned onlookers in a sheer Alice McCALL jumpsuit and beamed happily with support for the pair, jokingly telling theFashionSpot, “I’m just super excited to see Jen and Rachael in action, to be honest, that’s why I’m here.”  

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Getty Images

Speaking of the influence the current Ambassadors have had on her own career, Tegan shares, “I look up to them both so much and they have paved the path for success for myself being a Miss Universe Australia. I hope to see myself up there one day on the Myer catwalk.”

Tegan recently enjoyed a cameo on Home and Away, but missed watching her Summer Bay debut on TV, instead opting to attend the Myer show.

“It’s actually on air tonight and I’m not there to watch it!” she tells us. “My boyfriend said, ‘I’m actually at home with pizza and wine, ready for your debut,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m actually going to a Myer show!’. She continues, “I’m going to go home and watch it, if I can be bothered. I’ll do it on the weekend”.  

As if she didn’t already have enough on her plate, she is also a contestant on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice Australia. Regrettably, she had to skip the Myer after-party in order to make her call time the following day saying, “I’ve got a 4 a.m. call time for Celebrity Apprentice so unfortunately I’m going straight to bed! Next year maybe I’ll be able to party.”

We’re excited to see Tegan’s upcoming projects and think she would be a perfect fit for the Myer family, that is if she can clear a day in her already jam-packed schedule.

Get it, girl!