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Of COURSE It Was a Louboutin Shoe That Broke the Condé Nast Escalator

There are few fashion tragedies worse than ruining an expensive pair of shoes and such was the fate of a poor unfortunate soul at the Condé Nast HQ, whose single Christian Louboutin pump was claimed by the escalator in the building.


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The heel of the footwear got caught in the escalator, wedging itself at the very top of the contraption. It almost made it to the other side but alas, the machine simply wouldn’t let the shoe’s owner, Nareesha McCaffrey (who is, ironically, a shoe designer) be great.

Even if you are humored by the entire thing, you’ve got to admit that losing a Louboutin to the whims of an automated transport device is a terrible fate for such a pricey shoe. Humanity beware: our robots are turning against us, and they are claiming our luxury footwear as casualties.

[h/t The Cut]