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Link Buzz: eBay Already Has the All-Black Yeezy Boost 350; the Most Popular Emoji in Your State

Yeezy Boost Black

Image: eBay

  • Further proving that love is dead, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have ended their 11-year relationship. [Glamour]
  • The much-anticipated all-black Yeezy Boost 350 is supposed to hit shelves August 22, but you can buy it now on eBay…if you’re willing to overpay. Happy shopping! [eBay]
  • Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter. [Page Six]
  • Of course Kylie Jenner is coming out with her own lipstick. [@kyliejenner]
  • People are taking really inappropriate photos with Nicki Minaj’s wax statue, so Madame Tussauds is redesigning the set around it. We think the venue should redesign the whole statue, but what do we know. [The Independent]
  • Heidi Klum doesn’t know why Donald Trump is even talking about her, thinks all women are 10s. [Us Weekly]
  • Real Housewives is getting its very first transgender cast member. [Page Six]
  • Here are the most popular emojis by state. [E!]
  • Jessica Simpson is delving into activewear. [WWD]