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H&M’s New Denim Collection Is Made Out of Recycled Clothing

Images: Courtesy H&M

Images: Courtesy H&M

H&M is further dedicating itself to sustainability with its latest clothing collection. The retailer is taking the old clothing amassed from its Garment Collecting project and creating new clothes in a program called “Close the Loop,” due to hit stores September 7.

H&M has created a denim line with recycled cotton and organic cotton, dishing up a selection that includes a jumpsuit, jackets, button downs and overalls. For kids, a hoodie complete with tiny ears rounds out the offering. The “Close the Loop” collection will offer 16 denim styles for men, women and kids. 

H&M explained its objective for the project in a press release published on its website. “H&M wants to create a closed loop for its textiles, in which the fabrics from unwanted clothes can be recycled into new ones. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, by limiting waste that goes to landfill and saving on natural resources used in the production of fabric.”

H&M has proven to be a leader in fast fashion when it comes to sustainability. Every year, it releases a report on the environmental impact of the company, complete with goals on how to diminish the adverse effects the clothing manufacturing process has on the environment.

Check out images from the collection in the slideshow below.

[via H&M]