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Aisha Jade McKinnon Just Launched Her Own Style Website


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It’s no secret we’ve got a major girl crush on Aisha Jade McKinnon, namely because of her preppy tomboy style with an appropriate dose of glam. Now she’s sharing her personal fashion flair with the world through her new website, Boy By Her, which launched today.

“Maybe it’s the fact I grew up with a very sporty background, or the fact that I have always been good friends with the boys, but I absolutely love dressing like one and having masculine undertones in my clothing,” Aisha wrote on the website.

With her tomboy style mantra advocating “Less is more”, Aisha promises to pay tribute to the 90s through the blog with laid-back and raw images, a la Calvin Klein.

Aisha Jade street style

Photo: Josephine Willcox for theFashionSpot

Aisha explained to Sydney Confidential that she plans to be more accessible than other bloggers who clutch onto Chanel or Dior, only to hand it back after they’ve had their picture taken. “Not everyone can afford that and neither can the blogger,” she revealed.

“I have never been one of those chicks that needs the newest Prada handbag. I never will be. It is for the chicks that don’t want to be pretty all the time, who want to walk around in over-size gear and get away with it.”

We’re totally down with that, and we’re loving Aisha even more for using her celebrity on Big Brother to create an empire for herself. 

Check out the website for yourself here.

[Via Sydney Confidential]