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WATCH: Sylvia Jeffreys Slams Publication In the Best Way for ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Let’s all take a moment to bow down to Queen Sylvia Jeffreys, who has bitten back at a publication for calling her visible choice of underwear a “wardrobe malfunction”.

Pointing the finger to Daily Mail Australia, the Today host took to Twitter to explain her outfit choice for The Australian Women’s Weekly and OCRF High Tea at Centennial Parklands Dining on August 25.

“Errr whoops! Anything to draw attention to a good cause, I guess. Right @helenmccabe?  #brafail #crazyeyes #10hours,” Sylvia tweeted.

Sylvia, who was wearing a modest black skivvy with a grey midi skirt, also spoke up about the article by Daily Mail Australia on Today this morning. “I was running between many commitments yesterday and I didn’t have time obviously to change what was underneath every outfit,” she explained.

“It [her bra] wasn’t visible to the naked eye, it was just under the photographer’s flash that it was visible, so apologies for an offence caused, but I won’t make the same mistake twice,” she continued.

Karl Stefanovic jumped in to offer his presumably sarcastic thoughts, saying, “Well, it wouldn’t be like the Daily Mail to get it wrong, would it?”

Sylvia’s hit back at the Mail Online after her ‘wardrobe malfunction’. “I just want to clear up, in their report they said I flashed a look of surprise when I realised what was going on. I had no idea what was going on, that’s just my weird resting face”. Go girl!#Today9

Posted by TODAY on Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Slyvia wrapped up the incident in all of her probably-sarcastic glory, saying, “I got it wrong. It is my personal fail. I take full responsibility. I promise to you it will never happen again.”

There’s nothing like a bit of public rectification and ridicule to make sure people don’t ever mess with you and your outfit choices ever again, right, Sylvia?