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This Model Says She’s Too Big for the Fashion Industry

Being beautiful can be hard sometimes – especially if you aspire to be a high fashion model. Agnes Hedengård, a 19-year-old Swedish model has been getting attention around the Internet after posting a YouTube video in which she claims that she is considered too big for fashion. 


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Agnes says that she has been working as a model for five years and she’s since stopped getting jobs as the industry say she is too big. “They think my butt is too big and they think my hips are too wide,” she said. She mentions that she has had big-name clients looking to work with her “but as soon as they get a hold of my measurements, it’s a whole ‘nother story.” 

Agnes says that her BMI is 17.5, which is smaller than what is considered a “normal” BMI for adult women, which ranges from 18.5 to 24.9. According to the BMI, Agnes is underweight. “It’s absurd and I hate it,” she says of the reactions she’s gotten from agents and clients about her body. Granted, she does have a bit of a booty, which is interesting considering fashion magazines like Vogue and others have been falling over themselves calling this the “era of the big booty” and wrapping Kim Kardashian’s curves in designer duds of all stripes. Funny how the standard changes once that modest butt is on a relatively unknown model. 

Clearly, Agnes has a great body and despite the modeling industry scrambling to modify its ridiculous body standards, it still seems to be an issue. Something in fashion needs to change, but we also think that Agnes is better off taking her talents elsewhere.

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