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Marc Jacobs Turns Ass-Gate into a T-shirt

Remember that time Marc Jacobs accidentally posted a photo of his naked ass to Instagram, thinking he was sliding into someone’s DM but really he was just showing the world his toned booty? How could anyone forget? Well, Mr. Jacobs is making sure you remember. The designer posted a selfie to Instagram to show off a brand new T-shirt he’s selling in stores. The top shows Jacobs’ Instagram handle, themarcjacobs, and next to it the words “it’s yours to try,” which was the caption to the infamous belfie he took all those months ago.

Yep, it’s hilarious and honestly, with an ass like that, we don’t blame him for wanting to bring up the incident again. Can’t knock turning a potentially embarrassing situation into cold, hard cash.

[h/t Fashionista via @themarcjacobs]