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WATCH: Kelly Osbourne Pushes Away Body Ideals In New Uplifting Video

Kelly Osbourne has been announced as the face of Westfield’s new Today I am campaign, encouraging and embracing individuality in the initiative’s latest commercial.

The clip sees Kelly knock over an army of mannequins, undoubtedly a metaphor for pushing away society’s ideals of what we should look like.

“I like to live by the rule that I am who I am,” Kelly said in the video. “I’ve realised, no matter how hard I try, no matter how many wishes I make, I’m never going to wake up and be anything else.”

Kelly continues by discussing body image. “Size is just a number. I cannot tell you how much I hate numbers,” she asserted.

“It is how you feel, not what size you are. I really love seeing the bravery in people that have stepped outside of that comfort zone, and if I had any part in people becoming who they want to be, that’s pretty bloody cool.”

Kelly, you are pretty bloody cool.