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Johnny Depp Drives Into the Desert in This Artsy Dior Sauvage Film

The fashion set seems to be loving on the Depp family lately. Lily-Rose Depp scored herself a campaign with Chanel (the same brand her mother Vanessa Paradis posed for) and it was announced a while ago that her father Johnny Depp was tapped as the face of Dior. Now, the French Fashion house has unveiled its latest short film (by Jean-Baptiste Mondino) for its Sauvage fragrance and the video has us a little confused… 

The scene opens with Depp moodily strumming a guitar, his locks greased in a manner of fashionable badassery. You can tell the actor is frustrated. “I gotta get outta here,” he says, before chucking the very expensive musical instrument aside and speeding out of the city in a vintage car. And where does a man tired of the daily hustle and bustle of the city go? To the desert, of course. And what does one do in the desert? Um… dig a hole in the sand and drop some necklaces and bracelets in it?

So, what’s the point of the whole video? A quick look at the poem that came along as a press release might help shed some light: “He leaves in the night, and travels all day, as the inky blue sky of dusk comes to free him. Bury the talismans, drop the masks; he marks his trail with a sacred Cairn to show the end of artifice. The ceremony of a metamorphosis. ‘Out of my head, into my heart.’ The desert is the sign of a new departure. Now he can shine. And Johnny Depp shows us who he is…”

Nope. Still confused. But hey – who ever really knows what’s going on in perfume ads anyway?

Watch Depp in action in the video above.