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WATCH: Harry Styles Gets Grammatically Correct with Fan’s Sign at Concert

Harry Styles

Photo: Wenn

Cringeworthy texts full or abbreviations, typos and, (the worst) grammatical mistakes can very well be a deal-breaker. Rest assured, Harry Styles is not that guy.

Proving he’s not just a pretty face and totally has the smarts too, the One Direction babe borrowed a fan’s sign at a recent Philadelphia concert to fix the grammar. 

The sign read, “Hi Harry your so nice.” Cute idea, terrible execution. Harry, like any English-respecting human would, made his amendments with a permanent marker so it would correctly read, “you’re”. Seriously, we’re surprised he could even perform straight while looking at such blasphemy. 

That’ll do us. Perfect grammar can make us swoon over the most unlikely of suspects, so you can only imagine what Harry has just done to his fans. The ones old enough to be literate, that is.