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Watch Vogue Cover Model Lupita Nyong’o Show Off Her Lightsaber and Hula Hoop Skills

Image: Vogue

Image: Vogue

A Valentino Haute Couture-clad Lupita Nyong’o is Vogue‘s October cover star and, as this is her second time on the magazine, it’s her turn to answer Vogue‘s famous 73 questions. The Star Wars actress is all smiles, grace and charm as Vogue asks all the questions about Lupita we never knew we wanted to know. And as an added bonus, we get to watch her work a lightsaber, hula hoop and walk in heels at the same time. Clearly she is a woman of many, many talents. 

Below, a few things we learned about Lupita thanks to the video:

  • She eats plantain, sweet potatoes and blueberries for breakfast.
  • She loves pineapple juice and would love to drink some with Misty Copeland.
  • She gets pumped up at the gym listening to Mavado’s “I’m So Special.”
  • She loves wide-brimmed hats.
  • The meerkat is her spirit animal.
  • She prefers pearls over diamonds.
  • She considers John Legend the greatest living musician.
  • She was surprised to learn that Prince is a fan of hers.

Watch the full video below:

[via Vogue]