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This Horrible New App Allows You to Rate People You Know

Just when you thought you escaped the immaturity and ridiculous social structure of high school, technology swoops down to bring it back into our lives. Introducing Peeple, a new app that allows you to rate… people. Yep. Peeple, which is being described as a Yelp for human beings is set to likely launch in late November, so you can judge folks in time for the holiday season. Because that’s what the holidays are all about, after all.

Users will be able to enter people’s names into the system and rate personalities and character – and you can’t opt out of the app once someone puts your name in, or delete neagative reviews. But, so the app doesn’t turn into a one-stop shop for bullies, creators Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough have “integrity features” to keep things from getting too nasty. You can’t post anonymous reviews (so if you’ve got something mean to say, your subject will know it’s coming from you) and you need to be at least 21 and have a Facebook account in order to review. You also need to have the person’s phone number in order to add them to the database – and you have to confirm you actually know the person you’re reviewing. If you’re signed up to the app, you’ve got 48 hours to contest any negative reviews. If you’re not – congratulations, because no one will be able to see people talking smack about you on social media. Hooray!

But even with all the precautions, we’re still not convinced – it feels a little icky to basically come for somebody’s character online and rate them as one might rate, say, a noodle shop or a yoga studio. Ironic that an app with the name Peeple could seem so dehumanizing.

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