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David Witko ‘Happy to Help’ Aspiring Models with a New YouTube Channel

David Witko

Photo: The Bachelorette

David Witko might not be able to give you any relationship tips after his epic fail on The Bachelorette , but the “international model” does want to help you perfect your posing techniques and runway struts.

Following the release of the “David Witko School for International Models” website, which was made as a joke by two unrelated guys from Sydney but saw over 400 people sign up, the reality villain is now tossing up whether he should do something similar on YouTube. This time for real. join today! >

Posted by David Witko on Thursday, 24 September 2015

“So clearly the whole David Witko School For International Models was a joke,” David wrote on his Instagram overnight. “The two separate sites were started by guys in Sydney clearly having a laugh; crazy the effort people go to! but; I got in contact with one and was told over 400 people have signed up! So what do you think? Should I just start a YouTube channel to help potential international models!? From start to infinity? More than happy to help…”

Even if your’e not keen on becoming a model of David’s calibre, you’ve got to admit this would be a cringeworthy, therefore amazing, viewing experience.